3500 Colors of the South from Benjamin Moore 1:31 PM 29.07.2022

3500 Colors of the South from Benjamin Moore

Celebrate the shades of the American South – the serene natural colors of our forests, rivers, and coasts to our small communities and busy historical cities in which live and do business. At Columbia Paint & Wallcover, we partner with premium paint retailer Benjamin Moore to share and celebrate the inspiration we draw from our stunning regional beauty.

Benjamin Moore 3500 Colors of the South, paint store near me near Columbia, Tennessee (TN)

Join us by sharing the colors you call home. Just tag your photos with #3500Colors to have your own local color inspiration featured on the Benjamin Moore page, and be sure to follow along @benjaminmoore and @columbiapaint on Facebook and Instagram.

Over 3500 Colors…

…and we have just the ones for you. You can find the beauty of the South everywhere in our 3,500+ paint colors from Benjamin Moore. From the south side of Nashville to the snaking oxbows of the Cumberland River, every day we’re surrounded by inspiration.

The Southern region is home to vibrant cities, friendly little towns, rich farmlands, and tons of lakes, river, forests, and so much more to explore. The South is full of incredible colors, tones, and textures that we can help bring to your home with a simple coat of paint!

Rich Reds and Browns

Deep rich-toned reds and browns are a popular choice their sophisticated and classic appeal. Caliente offers the warmth of cinnamon with the heat of a chili pepper. Browns like Riding Boots bring the warm feelings of spiced cocoa and the richness of finely worked leather perfect for that media room, study, or home bar area.

Try Lush Neutrals

Luxurious neutrals enrobe a space in calm, pleasing tones. Beiges are certainly some of the most approachable colors that let your rooms feel more welcoming and lived in. With a peachy warmth, Home Sweet Home is a blushing beige that could be the perfect all-over color for an office, hallway, or living space. Southern Charm is a neutral but rich rose that would add a cozy signature to a bedroom.

New American Colors

Statement colors have always been a signature of American expression—and Southern decadence. Mardi Gras Gold is a bold, warm orange like the low summer sunset over the lake. Mardi Gras is a playful pink with a red undertone. These two vibrant colors would be a great accent wall or furniture color, and they’d certainly make a bold statement as all-over room colors.

Vibrant Greens and Blues

Blues and greens have always been favorites for the home. But take those colors and charge them with the vibrancy of the South to create tropical and fresh spaces suited for sitting by the pool. Miami Green is a seafoam, aqua green with a tropical vibrancy reminiscent of the beach. Southern Belle is a lush cornflower blue that adds a vital pop of color to the palette. Great for an accent or for spaces like bedrooms and powder rooms, these impactful blues and greens are a gulf breeze vacation in a can.

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Are you ready to add the stunning tones of the South to any area of your home? With over 3500 colors from Benjamin Moore, this means that it’s always easy to find the perfect shade for your spaces. We are located at 1114 Carmack Blvd, in Columbia, TN. Our phone number is (931) 388-2806. Our service area includes Columbia, TN and the surrounding greater Nashville area. Contact us today for all your paint and wallcovering needs.

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