Decorative Finishes & Specialty Paint & Coatings

Are you looking for a way to transform your walls, furniture, or accessories with paint? Do you want to create a unique and personalized look for your home or business? If so, you might be interested in our range of decorative finishes and specialty paints and coatings.

At Columbia Paint & Wallcover, we offer a variety of products that can help you achieve stunning results with paint. Whether you want to add sparkle, texture, depth, or drama to your surfaces, we have the right product. Here are some of the options we offer:

Glazes And Coatings

Glazes and coatings are thin layers of paint applied over a base color to create different effects. They can create subtle variations in color, tone, and sheen. You can also use glazes and coating to create dramatic effects such as faux finishes, antiquing, distressing, and crackling.

Some of the glazes and coatings we offer include:

  • Metallic glazes: These are translucent glazes that contain metallic particles that reflect light and add shimmer and shine to your walls. They can be used to create elegant, glamorous, or modern looks. We offer metallic glazes in various colors and finishes, such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, pearl, and champagne.
  • Translucent glazes: These are clear or tinted glazes that can create soft color washes, blending, or layering effects. They can enhance your walls’ texture or create faux finishes such as marble, stone, wood, or leather.
  • Crackle glazes: These unique glazes cause the paint to crack and reveal the base color underneath. They’re perfect for creating an aged, weathered, or rustic look. We offer crackle glazes in different sizes and colors to suit your preferences.
Home with a wall painted with black chalkboard paint with a few simple chalk drawings

Metallic Paint

Metallic paint is another way to add some sparkle and shine to your surfaces. Unlike metallic glazes, metallic paint is opaque and covers the base color completely. Metallic paint is ideal for creating bold accents, focal points, or statement pieces.

Dining room with a wood table and wall with textured yellow paint

Some of the metallic paints we offer include:

  • Sheer metallic paint: This thin metallic paint allows some of the base color to show through. It can be used to create a soft and subtle metallic effect.
  • Semi-sheer metallic paint: This medium metallic paint covers more of the base color but still allows some of it to show through. Use semi-sheer metallic paint to make a more noticeable metallic effect.
  • Opaque metallic paint: Opaque metallic paint covers the base color completely, and it’s best to use it to create a striking metallic effect.


Consider using textures to add some interest and dimension to your surfaces. Textures are a great way to create visual and tactile effects that enhance the look and feel of your walls. They can also help hide imperfections or unevenness on your surfaces.

Some of the textures we offer include:

  • Textured effects: These are products that contain sand, grit, or other particles that create a rough or bumpy texture on your walls. They can be used to create a natural, organic, or rustic look.
  • Venetian plaster: This is a product that creates a smooth and glossy texture on your walls. Venetian plaster can create a luxurious, elegant, or classic look. Venetian plaster can also be tinted or glazed to create different colors and effects.

Special Effects Paint

If you want to add some fun and functionality to your surface, special effects paint is a great way to do that. You can create different features or functions on your walls that suit your needs and preferences. If you have kids, they also might like the cool designs that you can make with special effects pain.

Some of the special effects paint we offer include:

  • Chalkboard paint: Chalkboard paint creates a chalkboard surface on your walls. It can be used to write messages, notes, lists, drawings, or anything else you want with chalk. It can also be erased easily with a damp cloth. Chalkboard paint is great for kids’ rooms, kitchens, offices, or any other place you want creativity and communication.
  • Dry-erase paint: This is a product that creates a dry-erase surface on your walls. You can use dry-erase paint to write or draw with dry-erase markers. Dry-erase paint is perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms, home offices, or any other place you want organization and collaboration.
  • Crackle finish paint: Crackle finish paint makes a crackle finish on your surfaces. It’s great for those who want to create an aged, weathered, or vintage look. Crackle finish paint can be applied over any base color and glazed or distressed to create different effects.

What Brands Do We Offer?

Take a glimpse at the following chart for a quick glimpse of the brands we offer:

BrandProduct Categories
RaberDecorative Finishes, Specialty Paint
Benjamin MooreSpecialty Paint, Metallic Paint, Decorative Finishes
PPGSpecialty Paint, Glazes, Decorative Finishes
Rust-OleumSpecialty Paint, Special Effects Paint
O’LearyChalkboard Paint, Dry Erase Paint
RomabioVenetian Plaster, Textured Effects
Wooster BrushPaint Brushes, Applicators
Corona BrushPaint Brushes, Applicators
Titan Spray EquipmentSpray Equipment, Paint Sprayers
Tri-Tech Spray EquipmentSpray Equipment, Paint Sprayers
York WallcoveringWallcoverings, Wallpaper
BrewsterWallcoverings, Wallpaper
Dash and Albert RugsArea Rugs, Floor Coverings
Farrell-CalhounSpecialty Paint, Decorative Finishes

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