Find A Fitting Paint Finish With Benjamin Moore 8:51 AM 23.05.2022

Find A Fitting Paint Finish With Benjamin Moore

Whether you are starting from scratch or are simply wanting to refresh your living space, repainting a room can greatly impact the overall energy of the space. For instance, taking white walls and covering them with a bold color can instantly infuse the room with a newfound excitement. In contrast, adding a neutral can immediately make the room feel calmer and more tranquil. At Columbia Paint & Wallpaper, our expert staff can help you start adding visual interest and find a fitting finish to your walls this year and walk with you through the decision-making process.

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Finding a Fitting Finish

One of the most important steps when adding visual interest to your walls is deciding which finish is the best fit for the space. With 5 available types, you may be wondering how you can narrow it down to the best one for the job. Fortunately, our experienced team members are here to help you learn more about each kind so that you can create the end result you have in mind.


If you are changing a low-traffic area, a matte finish could be your perfect fit. These paints are non-reflective and are ideal for surfaces with slight imperfections. If you are updating a space that is constantly changing, this may not be the right solution due to the fact that it’s best used in spaces that remain a bit more static. As for where you could use matte, it can certainly be used to start adding visual interest to your walls, but consider ceilings as well.


Eggshell is a step up from matte, so if you like a low-luster sheen, this is likely the type for you. This is a great option if you are hoping to bounce incoming light around a living room or dining area. Of course, it’s also great for entryways and hallways. So, certainly keep this in mind when adding visual interest to your walls this year.


Speaking of sheen, satin can also provide the result that you are looking for when adding visual interest to your walls if you want to bring a pearl-like finish to a space. This type of paint is more durable, which makes it great for any setting.


Finally, semi-gloss and high-gloss can be used anywhere from molding to other architectural features. The glossiness of this style makes it great for bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms.

Choose Your Color

After deciding which type of paint is right for your needs at this time, you can then start deciding on a color. Our catalog includes everything from bold pinks to calming off-whites, so we are confident that you can find whatever you have in mind. We appreciate the fact that each of our customers has a different vision for their living space and we look forward to helping you bring yours to life.

To start adding visual interest to your walls, stop by our store. We are located at 1114 Carmack Blvd, in Columbia, TN. Our phone number is 931-388-2806. Our service area includes Columbia, TN and the surrounding area. Contact us today to begin.

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