Why Benjamin Moore Paints are the Best 4:13 PM 07.03.2022

What Makes Benjamin Moore Paints the Best?

Choosing the right paint for your project can seem daunting. Beyond color, there is a long list of brands that have their own benefits. However, one brand continues to be held in higher regard compared to the rest: Benjamin Moore Paints.

But what is it that sets Benjamin Moore paints apart? Are these paints right for you? We at Columbia Paint & Wallcover are here to guide you through every step. With our trusted team and decades of experience, we’ll help you figure out which paint is the perfect fit for your project.

Choosing an Aura® Color Stories® paint by Benjamin Moore from Columbia Paints near Columbia, Tennessee (TN)


What sets Benjamin Moore apart from other paint brands is its focus on durability. Most paint suppliers today use chemicals that allow them to mix easily. While this benefits them in the short term, it weakens the color of the paint and reduces the time before the paint starts to fade.

Benjamin Moore took a different approach. They designed their colorants unique to their interior and exterior paint products. Their formula removed unnecessary chemicals and focused on their two main goals: vibrant colors built to last. Their innovation resulted in a product with a particularly deep color depth that can last for years.

Applying fade-resistant paint like Aura® Color Stories® is priceless. Where other paints start to show wear and fade after a few years, Benjamin Moore can keep your home looking elegant and vibrant for much longer. The benefits here are threefold:

  • First and most obvious, it means more time between painting for you. With years between paint jobs, you can design a room around the colors without worrying about it changing.
  • Secondly, it increases the property value of the home. Whether you’re just moving in or on your way out, Benjamin Moore paints make each step easier.
  • Third, it saves you money. Benjamin Moore is known for being pricier than other brands, but it is essential to remember that you will be painting far less when using Benjamin Moore.

Fast Drying

The idiom about watching paint dry met its match with our paints. With only one to two hours between coats, you’ll barely finish painting a room before it is time to start the second coat (exception being acrylic latex and alkyd paints which have longer dry times). More time painting and less downtime mean a more efficient home makeover.

History of Excellence

Like Columbia Paints, Benjamin Moore is a company steeped in historical excellence. Started in the early 1880s, Benjamin Moore and his brother created their company in Brooklyn, New York. Built on the “three I’s” – intelligence, industry, and integrity – the Moores grew their company into what it is today. Columbia Paints shares that passion for greatness and have been employing it in the Nashville area for 75 years.

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