2022 Painting Trends We Have Our Eyes On 5:52 PM 13.12.2021

2022 Painting Trends We Have Our Eyes On

2022 Painting Trends We’re Watching

With the New Year just around the corner, we’re looking ahead to what trends lie ahead. When it comes to paint and interior design, every year brings a new wave of inspiration. 2021 gave us bold, saturated colors and elegant home décor, but what do we have our eyes on for 2022? At Columbia Paint and Wallcover, we’re always looking to the world around us for inspiration—it’s why we love helping our customers breathe new life into their homes through the power of color.

Whether you’re ready to paint your home or are just browsing the internet for a few ideas, we’re sure you’ll find something that catches your attention on this list:

Benjamin Moore 2022 Color of the Year October Mist Columbia, Tennessee (TN) 2022 painting trends, interior paint

1. Muted, Organic Colors

Earlier this year, Benjamin Moore revealed their 2022 Color of the Year as “October Mist 1945,” which conveys the aged tone of this soft, pale green hue. This stunning color is reminiscent of spring floral on a rainy day with undertones that make it versatile enough for a variety of interior décor styles. In 2020 and 2021, we saw the rise of interior décor inspired by overgrown getaway cottages in the mountains—an escape in the comfort of your own home. In 2022, we expect to see this trend continue with this beautiful new collection from Benjamin Moore.

2. Earthen tones

In the same vein of Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year, we expect warm tones to continue making impressions in interior décor moving into 2022. Whether you like minimalistic décor or prefer something modern and bold, you are sure to find a new favorite in this historic-inspired color collection from Benjamin Moore. This collection spans several undertones, including reds and purples, spanning the range from a subtle neutral to a bold, saturated color.

3. Bold, jewel tones

In 2021, jewel tones became a popular color choice for living rooms. Darker was better and designers played with color rather than playing it safe with subdued neutrals. In 2022, we expect to see the continued love for dark, luxurious colors like blues and purples for interior walls (or maybe accent pieces if you’re feeling less adventurous.) This paint collection from Benjamin Moore Aura® interior paint gives a stunning sense of depth while boasting great coverage for covering up old paint.

4. Classic, Minimal Neutrals

Of course, neutrals will always be on our list of paint trends to watch out for in 2022. When in doubt, a cozy, neutral shade leaves room for you to play around with your interior décor throughout the year. If you’re a fan of colorful furniture, you no doubt appreciate the simplicity soft neutrals like whites, grays, and browns can bring to your walls. If you want to stick to a neutral while changing it up, why not shake things up with dark, slate gray?

Refresh Your Home for 2022

Searching for a way to bring out something new in your home as you’re looking ahead to 2022? Whether this is your first interior painting project or you’re a seasoned expert, Columbia Paint and Wallcover has something for everyone. Not sure where to begin? Enlist the help of our design services! Contact us to schedule a consultation today, or visit our store located at 1114 Carmack Blvd., Columbia, TN 38401. We are locally owned and operated, always happy to service Columbia as well as the surrounding Spring Hill, Thompson Station, Nashville, and Lawrenceburg, TN areas.

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