Why window treatments?

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For function or style? The answer is both. A well chosen window treatment adds to any room decor. However, there are several functional benefits as well. The first that might come to mind would be controlling light and blinds or shades can certainly do that. Did you know that window treatments can protect your rugs, artwork and fabrics? Depending on the type of window treatment, you can block (partially or completely) harmful UV rays that can fade colors, damage photos and furniture.

Window treatments can also improve energy efficiency. By controlling the amount of sunlight on a hot day you can lower your utility bill. In contrast, certain choices of treatments can reduce the amount of heat loss in cold weather. They are especially helpful in older homes that have less efficient windows (do you feel a draft?). And yet, you get all of these benefits and you can do it with style too.

Graber blinds, shades and shutters have style and function covered (excuse the pun). There are window treatment solutions for any room and any design. However, making the right choice can be more than a little overwhelming. That’s where we come in. At Columbia Paint & Wallcover we have years of experience. After all we have been a family owned, local business since 1946. Call or come in for a free window treatment consultation today. We’ll come to your home and do the measuring for you to get a perfect fit. Then we do the installation. Oh, you could go to one of the big box stores, but will they have the expertise, the choices or Graber? One thing is for sure… you’ll have to bring measurements and hopefully you measured right.

Call Zeke and he will help you make the best choice: 931-388-2806 or use the form below.