Selecting a Finish

Selecting an Interior Paint Finish


You have selected a color to paint your room and take it to the register to get it mixed. The salesperson asks, “What type of finish would you like?” Panic sets in. What are they asking? How do I know what kind of finish to choose? Take a look at our guide below to help determine what you need.

What is paint finish? It is described as the paint sheen you want to see on the walls. There are two factors that differentiate the choices: luster and washability. The most common finishes to chose from are flat/matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high gloss. The less gloss a finish has means the paint has more pigment and less resin. With a high gloss finish, there is more resin and less pigment.

How do I know which finish to choose? This can be determined by the application and environment of the paint.


  1. Flat/Matte: high pigment wall coverage, good for low traffic areas (not recommended for kitchens, baths or children’s rooms), hides wall imperfections and typically more budget friendly
  2. Eggshell: our best-selling finish, has more luster than a flat finish which helps it resist stains, but still hides wall imperfections.
  3. Satin: cleans easily (though not by scrubbing), good for high traffic areas, provides more sheen than flat and eggshell
  4. Semi-Gloss: provides a subtle shine, easy to clean and can be scrubbed, used commonly for trim, kitchens and baths
  5. High- Gloss: very shiny, stain resistant and very easy to clean, durable (especially for high traffic areas like the kitchen and bath), not suitable for covering imperfections in walls.

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