Deck Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Deck Looking Dreamy
During the summer and on into football season, your deck serves as an outdoor kitchen, a place for friendly get-togethers, and a calm place to relax after a long, hard day. You could even call the deck a second family room. With this in mind, taking excellent care of your deck space is important to your outdoor living. Here are some tips to keep your deck looking dreamy and healthy season after season.


Deck Staining Brush


  1. Before staining, allow new decks to weather for 4-6 weeks. This lets the stain penetrate the pores of the wood, rather than puddling on the surface. A good way to test if the wood is ready: Sprinkle water on it. If it is absorbed, get to coating. If it beads up, allow for more weathering or lightly sand.
  2. Clean, clean, dry. If your wood had been treated previously with a solid coating, this product needs to be removed to uncover the original wood. *Before applying the deck finish, the deck must be completely dry. This may take up to a few days.
  3. Use a quality, oil-based deck stain. Columbia Paint carries a variety of deck care products including: Sikkens, Cabot, Benjamin Moore + more.
  4. Apply stain in the shade, if possible.
  5. Use a deck staining brush or painting pad for application. Back brush to work product into the grain.
  6. Do not over-soak. Apply just enough stain to satisfy the absorbency.
  7. Keep in mind that deck care products are to be used in a specific way. Read the manufacturer’s directions thoroughly to prevent wreaking havoc on your outdoor oasis. For instance, applying a sealant during a cold spell or downpour, will leave your job looking less than stellar.
  8. Allow stain to set for a day before using deck.


Pressure Washing


  1. Most decks will need cleaning and re-staining every year or two.
  2. Go easy on the pressure washing. Yes, it is the most efficient way to remove dirt and loose wood particles, but start with the lowest setting (around 500 psi) and work your way up to avoid wear and tear.
  3. The spring and fall are the ideal times to refresh your deck. The point is to wash and seal when temperatures are mild.
  4. Trim trees and bushes to slow mold, rot, and prevent debris damage.
  5. Occasionally move around planters and outside furniture to avoid discoloring of the deck.
  6. Ask the experts at Columbia Paint. If you have any questions about your outside job, we have the answers you need to successfully complete your project!

Sikkens Red Cedar Deck


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