Deck Stain Season

Summer days are meant for grilling out and relaxing on porches and decks. If you’re like us, this past winter’s snow and ice likely left your deck looking less than stellar. Luckily, we have a variety of stain options and colors to get your wood restored and protected.
First you must decide what level of opacity you want. There are five different degrees ranging from natural/translucent to solid, which enhance or mask the level of grain and texture from the wood.
Depending on the level of opacity, you will choose a color. Solid finishes have the most color options available. It is recommended to choose a shade that will enhance your home and environment.

You will need to prepare the surface before you actually stain the wood. This is an important step you should not skip. We can help you determine what the best options are whether it is the Benjamin Moore BRIGHTEN, which is a brightener and neutralizer, or Benjamin Moor CLEAN, a multi-purpose cleaner. Once the preparation is done, its time to stain!

Soon enough you’ll be out there sipping a cold drink enjoying the summer sun!